Welcome To Dancing Web Design

affordable web pages for small businesses

I am a Graphic and Web Designer. The links will take you to pages I have designed and implemented. My customers are small businesses and individuals wishing to have an affordable web site.

Moorafa Records is the site of a Seattle Musician. I have designed and maintained this site.

Marilyn Carr is a local Seattle/Hawaii/Arizona Artist. I have partially re-designed some of her site (paintings) and I maintain it.

ipaint dogs is a site I created for Marilyn Carr - it is a page of her dog portraits. I maintain this site.

Grady J Gratt is an author. I created this site, but Grady maintains it.

The Gilded Curio is a site I am currently working on, I created it, and it will be maintained by the owner.

Blue-ize are musicians that currently live in Salt Lake City, Utah. I created this site and they maintain it.