Power Point

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Basic Tools Animation Color and gradient mixing
Converting to JPEG's Charts Text and text manipulation
Breaking apart clip art Presentation materials I am a power point guru!
Below is a very complicated chart. The original was 8 feet long- 2 strips of 4 feet each.

It was created in powerpoint. While I was at Boeing, I worked in the Graphics Dept. that created presentation materials, graphics, charts, signs, posters, instruction books and detailed graphic materials for airplane proposals. The reason I left is because DCAC/MRM was disbanded.

Above is a sign to welcome students to the Renton Site. It was a poster size sign. This was created in Power Point. I took some clip art, broke it up to create this sign. The instructors wanted something with a sattelite and dish to convey what validators did. The design for this sign is mine.
My portfolio has many more examples of my work.