Photoshop Skills

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Basic Tools Scanning Color mixing
Layers and Channels Color Correction Text
Filters and lens Flare Image enhancements Button Making
This is a CD cover created on 4 layers. The first layer is a black sheet of paper that was splattered with white paint. I scanned it and made the comet with the paint tool at 50%. The glow is made the same as the comet with several different percentages. The photo was just a snapshot of the author. I masked out what I wanted to save and got rid of the rest. The words Michael Guthrie was hand lettered by Michael, I scanned in the letters and enhanced them. It has a black background to pop the letters out.
This is a design I created in Photoshop. The swirls are really made of a couples hands with filters applied to them. Then I made 3 of them and rotated the swirls. I used this for a web page front cover. The white is 50% transparency rectangle.