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Basic Tools Buttons Basic Commands
Page Layout Layers Text and Color
Movie and Sound integration Convert PageMaker files to PDF files to submit to the printer. Including color separations. The Reivew is a two color publication. Make the Victory Review a PDF file for the Web. Linking all the ads and articles to the advertisers and writers web pages.
The following links are examples of what I can do in Acrobat.
Victory Reivew Acoustic Music Magazine. This is a sample of the web version of the Victory Review.
Fans This file is 13M The movies work on my computer, but they would need to downloaded to your computer to work. I am putting the link to them here, since I'm sure you don't want to download a movie.
European Fans A short movie on European Fans
Advertising Fans A short movie on Advertising Fans in the 30' s and 40's.
These two movies are part of the Fans project
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My portfolio has many more examples of my work.