Dear friends,..

We are probably all curious about what is in store for this coming era. How will our culture deal with a new millennium? And how will each of us as individuals transformand evolve?

Here are my predictions:
There will be an overwhelming desire for new beginnings. We will see a tendency for individuals to explore their own unique passions versus those defined by larger cultural fads. Fads are simply an indication that people are not connected to their own passions and can easily be swayed by what someone else deems important. True passion comes from within and not from external sources.

Dancing becomes a passion (often a life transforming one) for many folks who find the courage to try a dance class. Sometimes suddenly, sometimes gradually, dance opens a deep new passion and connection within us -- a whole new way to release joy, to express ourselves, to have fun. It also opens a wonderful new connection to others -- to our many new dance partners and friends, to a whole world-wide community of people who dance because they love it, because they need to dance to fill and release their joy, their laughter, their souls.

As teachers of many forms of partner dancing, we applaud the diversity of dance expression -- there can be a dance passion for everyone! Come with us and follow your individual passion to the playful energy of Swing, to the romance of Waltz and Nightclub Two-step, to the sensuality and flirtation of Salsa, to the ever-new old traditions such as Polka (which can be danced to music from classical to punk).

Raise a toast with us to fun, to passion, and to dance in 2000 and long beyond!


Walter Dill (Director)

Just for the fun of it!